Groups from Groler

Groler Groups are an excellent way to experience rapid growth in your leadership capacity.

Groups meet for five weeks online and require about 90 minutes of your time each week.
David facilitates each session and each week focuses on a different aspect of your leadership capacity.

Why groups?

Leadership is a “people" endeavor. By working in a group you gain awareness that can only be provided by others. Furthermore, your fellow leaders are often the best reflectors of your leadership assets.

How do groups work?

Using Groler’s online platform you will work from your location on brief (15 minute) assignments in preparation for each week's small group conversation. The group will meet for roughly 60 minutes online. You will follow the session with another brief (15 minute) reflection that you do by yourself. Everything will be done electronically with no need to travel. You will need an internet connection and an appropriate device to participate in the conversation.

How do I join a group?

Groups are forming regularly. Simply use the “contact us” button above to inquire about schedule, availability, and cost.