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Understanding the People You Serve (Ep 20)

Every organization exists for a reason. Understanding the people you serve is critically important. Episode Length: 28 min Email subscribers click here to listen from the Groler site. SHOW NOTES 0:43 - Introduc more…

Posted Oct 7, 2019

Leading From Human Resources (Ep 19)

In this episode, we explore how your organization's human resource (HR) activities directly enhance organizational leadership. Episode Length 27 Min Show Notes 1:40 Introduction to Brent and an answer to “what more…

Posted Sep 4, 2019

Aligning Values in Leadership (Ep 18)

Values in leadership is an important topic that is usually addressed from the organizational perspective. In this episode, we look at how an individual’s internal and intrinsic values align with that of their workgroup. more…

Posted May 16, 2019

Strategic Leadership (Ep 17)

What does it mean to be a strategic leader? In this episode, we engage several ideas related to organizational strategy. Things like how to take bold action, how to create differentiation for your organization, and how t more…

Posted May 10, 2019

Bonus Discussion with Annie Duke (Ep 16)

Bonus episode which includes the full interview with Annie Duke, author of "Thinking in Bets." Episode Length 41 min SHOW NOTES 3:00 - How behavioral science relates to Annie’s poker career. 11:00 - Affecti more…

Posted May 6, 2019

Pre-Mortems and Backcasting in Organizational Leadership (Ep 15)

Learn how two tools, pre-mortems and backcasting, can be helpful in leading organizations. Show Length 34 min SHOW NOTES 1:00 Introduction to Annie and how the interview was constructed. 8:00 Foreshadowing more…

Posted May 2, 2019

Leading From Your Core Self (Ep 14)

How to better integrate our leadership with our core selves. Episode Length 27:50 For email list subscribers, click here to listen directly from the Groler site. SHOW NOTES 1:00 - Introduction to Bjorn Peters more…

Posted Apr 25, 2019

Healthfully Dealing With Soul-Crushing Work (Ep 13)

An interview with Career and Leadership Coach Brenda Abdilla — Part II of II In this episode, we discuss strategies to deal with toxic work environments with the goal of maintaining your sanity and maximizing well-bei more…

Posted Apr 16, 2019

Toxicity in Organizational Leadership (Ep 12)

Most people experience toxic work environments where consistent drama and infighting over resources and clout hampers the work of the organization; unfortunately, this not an isolated or rare experience. In this episode, more…

Posted Apr 14, 2019

Trust in Leadership (Ep 11)

AN INTERVIEW WITH ADAM MADDOCK Sharing in adversity with the people you lead is a central key to building trust in leadership.  SHOW NOTES 04:37 - How does a battlefield leadership environment differ from othe more…

Posted Apr 8, 2019


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