Leading From Your Core Self (Ep 14)

An Interview with Bjorn Peterson of Looking Bear Leadership

By David Worley - April 26, 2019

How to better integrate our leadership with our core selves.

Episode Length 27:50

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1:00 - Introduction to Bjorn Peterson’s work.

3:30 - Paying attention to exhaustion and burnout.

5:15 - How paying attention to inner life yields outer results.

8:30 - How understanding one’s body helps in leadership.

12:30 - Recap #1

15:15 - “Who needs to learn what and who needs to lose what…"

17:15 - The importance of continuing to learn in leadership.

21:45 - The idea of praxis.

24:00 - Bjorn Peterson Poem

Looking Bear Leadership
Leadership On The Line - Heifetz & Linsky
Parker Palmer

Walking Sea Sickness – a poem by Bjørn Peterson

All of my work has been a fumbling trying-on of sorts
as if I was a thrift store shopper in need of a tailor

It began in the rich banks of the great river,
planted among the oaks of righteousness
where spring’s muddy brag ran up against
the prophet’s flowery flow

I am no tree, but a building
hurricane. The storm that raged in a child’s stomach
now eroding the last solid bits of my extremities

I am a walking sea sickness; a skinned squall

Two voices crash through my gray matter:
My life blows in one direction
My life appears as a spinning weather vein
Can wind blow one leaf in two directions?

They will say, “He felt unknown”
and still not know me

I am no hurricane
I am a man on fire
inviting passersby to a hospitality of smoke and flame

I am a mixed metaphor
imperfectly speaking with all possible precision:
A prophetic tree
made of water
now burning
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