Pre-Mortems and Backcasting in Organizational Leadership (Ep 15)

An interview with Annie Duke, former professional poker champion, thinker, and author

By David Worley - May 2, 2019

Learn how two tools, pre-mortems and backcasting, can be helpful in leading organizations.

Show Length 34 min


1:00 Introduction to Annie and how the interview was constructed.

8:00 Foreshadowing the two main concepts.

10:30 What David found engaging about Annie’s book, Thinking in Bets.

11:15 Pre-mortems are more important than backcasting.

15:30 Pre-mortems help us think more clearly when a challenge arises.

18:00 Three great things about doing pre-mortems.

18:30 #1 Advanced practice to problem solve for issues.

18:50 #2 Helps us identify where bad luck may derail us.

20:15 #3 It redefines what it means to be a team player.

28:45 David’s recap and commentary on the interview.


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