Strategic Leadership (Ep 17)

An interview with Karla Raines, CEO of Corona Insights

By David Worley - May 10, 2019

What does it mean to be a strategic leader? In this episode, we engage several ideas related to organizational strategy. Things like how to take bold action, how to create differentiation for your organization, and how to better define the people you serve.

Episode Length 29 minutes


0:50 - Introduction to Karla Raines.

4:00 - What is “differentiation” and why it matters.

7:00 - Who are your core customers?

10:15 - Distinguishing between your current and future customers.

14:15 - Reclaiming the term “customer.”

15:45 - Clarifying “yes."

20:45 - Differentiation and distinction.

25:00 - Setting goals.

26:30 - David's recap.

Karla Raines
How Strategists Lead - Cynthia Montgomery McKinsey Quarterly (2012)
Corona Insights
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