Aligning Values in Leadership (Ep 18)

An interview with Jim Hjort

By David Worley - May 16, 2019

Values in leadership is an important topic that is usually addressed from the organizational perspective. In this episode, we look at how an individual’s internal and intrinsic values align with that of their workgroup. We will discuss how to identify these values, why it matters to do so, and what the implications are for your life and leadership.

Episode Length 27 Min

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1:30 - Introduction to Jim Hjort.

6:00 - What is the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic values.

8:30 - Why is focusing on intrinsic motivators more satisfying over time?

11:30 - How intrinsic motivation applies to organizations.

12:15 - The disengagement problem in the American workplace.

17:30 - Advice for leaders who have the latitude to change their organization.

21:30 - Start with how something feels and work back from the surface to the core.

23:30 - The disconnection leaders often experience from the interpersonal culture of their org.

25:00 - David’s summary comments.


Jim Hjort's Website
Importance of Mindfulness for Professional Life - Jim Hjort article.
Gallup "State of the American Workplace" study quoted by Jim in the interview.
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