Understanding the People You Serve (Ep 20)

An interview with Karla Raines, CEO of Corona Insights

By David Worley - October 7, 2019

Every organization exists for a reason. Understanding the people you serve is critically important.

Episode Length: 28 min

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0:43 - Introduction to Karla Raines of Corona Insights.
1:45 - How Karla got interested in helping leaders and organizations.
2:10 - The importance of getting to know your clients using "empathy with data."
3:25 - Why "empathy with data?"
6:00 - How do organizational leaders go about better understanding the people they serve?
6:45 - The example of Denver International Airport.
11:20 - How do leaders find game-changing concepts or ideas?
12:10 - Going beyond demographics to psychographics.
15:15 - How do leaders put people first in a strategically meaningful way?
16:00 - The importance of organizational culture and a common language.
18:00 - Thinking ahead twenty years.
20:00 - How do you get all stakeholders on board for change?
20:30 - There has to be a felt need for change.
21:45 - Defining two or three key messages for change.
23:30 - Money follows bold visions.
24:30 - Lacking resources is no longer an adequate excuse.
26:00 - David's recap of a couple of Karla's big points.

A few times through this broadcast, David referred to "Corona Research" rather than "Corona Insights." "Insights" is the correct tag, "Research" was the older name of the company.

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