Leading From Human Resources (Ep 19)

An interview with HR Expert Brent Mullins

By David Worley - September 4, 2019

In this episode, we explore how your organization's human resource (HR) activities directly enhance organizational leadership.

Episode Length 27 Min

Show Notes

1:40 Introduction to Brent and an answer to “what is human resources (HR)?”

3:30 How does HR influence organizational culture?

5:15 How Brent, as an HR consultant, helps organizations identify their culture.

7:05 Is there value in an organization understanding what has gone wrong in their culture?

8:55 Who leaders should ask to find out what has gone right in their organization?

10:00 Brent comments on the wisdom of teams and the insight of groups.

11:30 What is engagement? What does it mean for a team member to be ‘engaged?’

11:50 Brent comments on the importance of team members feeling known, valued, and appreciated.

13:15 How does a leader help their people get to deeper levels of engagement?

15:00 Brent comments on Heifetz’s “direction, protect, and order” as a critical leadership task.

16:30 Goldsmith on “feed forward” rather than “feedback.”

18:20 David comments on how engaging directly with followers produces group “skin in the game.”

19:15 Brent comments on helping people connect with bigger organizational issues.

20:00 What makes up a good HR program?

21:20 Brent explains the challenges of an “HR shop of one."

24:00 Brent’s advises leaders to pay attention to learning. How are their people growing? How are people fulfilling their potential?

25:30 David’s summary of Brent’s main points.

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